Who Is Matthew?

Career Coalescence

All of the knowledge and experience and exposure to so many areas of design for the Online and Mobile Markets, it would seem that it was all leading up to something, coming together to coalesce into something more finite. User Experience was the result of all that had come before.

By examining his body of work, it becomes apparent Matthew's focus and interest in the User's experience with a website was ever-present. Matthew researches not only the Business needs of a Product or Service, he researches needs requested by the Consumer Demographic for whom the Product or Service is intended. He has assisted in designing Usability tests in order to obtain feedback that presents the pain-points and the successes of an existing Product or Service.

While he enjoys the construction process that is Front-End Development and being involved with the Usability Studies, his true passion lies in the Planning and Preproduction phases of web and mobile design projects. Matthew enjoys collaborating with a team when conceptualizing on white boards, defining the Information Architecture, creating the User Flows and the Interaction Flows, building Developer facing annotated wireframes, Client facing Prototypes and Demo as well as Style Guides and Pattern Libraries.

The industry is of no consequence as the skill sets are all transferable. Matthew has worked with companies ranging from the Entertainment Industry to Fitness to Healthcare and each having an aspect that focused on the commerce side of the business. Comprehending the offerings and intentions of a Product or Service first is to be established before understanding the needs of intended users can be assessed and pain points experienced. Then only can improvements be proposed and executed.

An Undiscovered Country

Who knows where Matthew will go in the coming years but creating a high quality product that focuses on fulfilling the needs of consumers is definitely center stage at all times. Technology is evolving so rapidly these days. The type of products and services as we know them today may be unrecognizable in just a few short years. In the short term, Mobile Web and Apps, Gaming (Mobile and Console), Music Creation, Software and Internal Company Development Platform systems are areas Matthew has great interest for venturing into and all are prime candidates for needing a User Experience Designer. Combining his passion for art and design with structural processes, It is no wonder that Matthew would find himself in a career path that would lead into the Internet of Everything such as Wearables, Implantables and potentially Interplanetary Communication (realistically the Moon and Mars).

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