Camera Production Bag, Belt and Pouch
C     o     l     l     e     c     t     i     o     n
Arri Media in England produced a line of durable, weather resistant camera assistant bags, pouches and belts to aid film productions during Europe’s inclement wet weather conditions. Alan Gordon Enterprises saw an even bigger potential for these more affordable and durable products. As a result, Alan Gordon Enterprises in Hollywood, CA has attained exclusive U.S. dealership rights to sell and distribute these Arri Media products.

This collection of sleek, black bags, pouches and belts is an excellent solution to carrying and transporting equipment. They are made to be tough and endure the abuse of field use. They are constructed from high-quality weather resistant material that will protect and shield expensive equipment during those wet days and desert storms. The varying sizes for the bags allws for storage of a wide variety of cameras and camera accessories such as the Sony PMW-EX3, The Canon EOS 5D Mark II or even the Red One Camera. The pouches can be used with or wihout the belts and accommodates camera accessories ranging from filters, small monitors, eyepieces, viewfinders, cables, expendables and more.

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