About This Template

Welcome to template Matthew designed for the LQA system - a division of AFAA. While the project was placed on hold shortly before his assignment ended, this page illustrates the "Style Guide" or "template" that would have used for the Client Side Account section, Management sections, Profiles, and the LQA web conferencing platform itself.

Responsive Content

This is all just filler text to help expand the page down to illustrate to upper management how content such as paragraphs would reflow as a result of Responsive Design. Since the project did not go past the initial "Style Guide" creation, there is not any sample content to display. This is all mere filler. This became a template for later use when the project is revisited in the future. The white "talk bubble" is an empty canvas on which the next web design can layout the actual content, if this template design is still to be used.

Try It For Yourself

Due to the tempporary "shelved" status of the project, only the "smart phone" and "desktop" viewport sizes were executed. As you reduce your browser from right to left the webpage layout will get all funky until you reach the vertical viewport "portrait" orientation. Then you will see the page reconfigure itself to fit a "smart phone" screen size.